ANNUAL EventS Calendar

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Tour Nigeria Brand Launch

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) would be launching the “Tour Nigeria, campaign aimed at promoting the patronage of Made-in-Nigeria products, which would propel tourism development in the country. The “Tour Nigeria” project will also work with relevant stakeholders in Nigeria to promote domestic tourism in the country.

Bus Tour Nigeria

This event takes place in Nigeria. And it involves tourist and citizens who might also be interested in taking a tour around Nigeria go on the bus tour where they are taken all over the 36 states in Nigeria and are shown to various side attractions and places of interest.

Osun Oshogbo Festival

The Osun-Osogbo festival is a two –week long annual festival that comes up every August in osogbo, Osun state where millions of people from different part of the world come to celebrate the river goddess, who blesses their women with fruitfulness and serves as the protector of the clan.

New Yam Festival

The New Yam Festival of the Igbo people (Orureshi in the idoma area, Iwa ji, Iri ji or Ike ji, depending on dialect) is an annual cultural festival by the Igbo people held at the end of the rainy season in early August. The festival would run for 3 days and would take place in Anambra state.

Fashion Festival

The Fashion Festival is a 3-day high profile community focused event that will be coming up in Abuja, Nigeria which will be featuring runway shows by local & national designers and so much more with the aim of improving the Nigerian fashion industry.

World Tourism Day

The world tourism day would take place in Abuja, Nigeria. It is a 1-day event and it welcomes citizens and tourist from all over the world to participate in.

Eid Durbar

The EID Durbar festival is an annual festival celebrated at the culmination of Muslim festivals Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-Al-Adha. It begins with prayers, followed by a parade of the Emir and his entourage on horses, accompanied by music players and so much more. The festival will be hosted in Sokoto, Katsina and Kano for 2 Days.

Flavours Of Nigeria

Takes place in Abuja and it’s a three day event (3), which consists of cooking and tasting various traditional delicacies from the 36 different states in Nigeria.

Boat Show Regatta

The boat show/regatta is a 3-day social event that will be coming up in cross river, Nigeria. The event will feature the public exhibition or trade fair of current boat models, debuts… with the aim of attracting the world to explore Nigeria.

Nyalo Nyalo

Nyalo Nyalo, “Forever Everlasting”, so titled because it represents a restoration of the unique culture of the original settlers of city of Abuja as a means of showcasing the rich cultural values of the locals and the rest of the Nigerian nation to reflect the diversity of ethnic expressions in Nigeria. The event, a city-wide carnival that is supported by the Nigerian Ministry of Culture and Tourism would take place annually for three days in Abuja in an atmosphere of fun and conviviality.

Beach Festival

The beach festival is a 3-day event that will be hosted in Lagos, Cross River and Bayelsa to spice up your holiday with an exciting blend of sports, live music, culture, pampering and kids’ activities.

Beer Festival

Choice awards, meet new people, sample delicious foods, enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment, and most importantly have a great time! The Nigerian Beer Festival is a celebration of beer, it will increase your beer knowledge and find a new favorite by sampling more than 50 different types of beer on site.

Countdown Nigeria

Countdown Nigeria is a 5-day event that will be coming up in December where Nigerians will meet to collectively do the countdown to a new year. The event will be hosted in Abuja, Kaduna, Imo and Delta.

Nigerian Music Festival

A Journey into the World of Music & Culture, with eye popping live performances, and paying homage to great Nigerian musicians and upcoming musical talents majorly to create a world class musical platform to promote Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and highlight the limitless commercial potentials of the country.